About Us

                                                                                            YAAN TIMES BIOTECH?is a leading company in China, dedicated in researching, developing and manufacturing botanical extracts and its derivatives.


                                                                                            cGMP, ISO, KOSHER AND HALAL?certi?ed, TIMES BIOTECH developed its strict quality control system. Our advanced test instruments and quali?ed experts and scientists ensured accurate and in-time test data, which enable us to supply greatest quality products and service to our customers.


                                                                                            With our good connection and access to abundant plant resources around the world, as well as our own plantation and plant base built, we are capable to utilize our advanced technology and facility to supply divers plant extracts in a sustainable manner.

                                                                                            At TIMES BIOTECH, we are dynamic in developing?innovative technologies?and products, we are proud to provide our great quality products and services to our partners and customers?in pharmaceutical, food?&?drink?industries?and cosmetic industries.


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