Berberine Hcl

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                                                                                            1.description and specificaction of product

                                                                                            ?Active Ingredients: Berberine HCL

                                                                                            Molecular Weight: 372.825 g/mol

                                                                                            Specification: 97%

                                                                                            Molecular Formula: C20H18CN4

                                                                                            Molecular Weight: 371.81

                                                                                            CAS NO. 633-65-8

                                                                                            Specification: 97%

                                                                                            Use Part : Bark

                                                                                            Appearance: Yellow fine powder

                                                                                            Packaging: 25kg/drum—-25kg net weight

                                                                                            Storage:Store in cool & dry place. Do not freeze.

                                                                                            Keep away from strong light and heat.

                                                                                            Shelf life:2 years when properly stored


                                                                                            2.Source and habitat:

                                                                                            Phellodendron chinense Schneid.

                                                                                            Phellodendron chinense (i.e. “lowland Phellodendron”) producing areas include Sichuan, Hubei, Guizhou, Yunnan, and Guangxi of China.


                                                                                            3. Indications and Uses:

                                                                                            The bark is categorized in a traditional Chinese medicine counterpart of humorism, affecting the kidney, urinary bladder and large intestine meridians.


                                                                                            Berberine hydrochloride has the function of anti-inflammatory.

                                                                                            Berberine hydrochloride with the function of relaxing vascular smooth muscle and exciting other smooth muscle, such as bladder muscle, bronchial muscle and gastrointestinal muscle.

                                                                                            Berberine hydrochloride with the function of antimicrobial and antibacterial. Berberine hydrochloride primarily for the treatment of bacillary dysentery, pulmonary abscess, brucellosis, acute tonsillitis, maxillary sinusitis, oral and maxillofacial inflammation embolism.

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