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                                                                                            1.description and specificaction of product

                                                                                            Active Ingredient: Quercetin

                                                                                            Molecular Formula: C15H10O7

                                                                                            Molecular Weight: 302.23

                                                                                            CAS NO. 117-39-5

                                                                                            Specification: 95% / 98%

                                                                                            Test Method: UV / HPLC

                                                                                            Use Part :Flower

                                                                                            Appearance: Yellow needle crystal powder

                                                                                            Packaging: 25kg/drum—-25kg net weight

                                                                                            Storage:Store in cool & dry place. Do not freeze.

                                                                                            Keep away from strong light and heat.

                                                                                            Shelf life:2 years when properly stored


                                                                                            2.Source and habitat:

                                                                                            Styphnolobium japonicum (L.) (Chinese scholar tree, pagoda tree; syn. Sophora japonica) is a species of tree in the subfamily Faboideae of the pea family Fabaceae.

                                                                                            It is native to China; despite the name, it was introduced in Japan. It is a popular ornamental tree in Europe, North America and South Africa, grown for its white flowers, borne in late summer after most other flowering trees have long finished flowering.



                                                                                            3. Indications and Uses:

                                                                                            1.Quercetin is good at expectorant, cough effect, and treating asthma.

                                                                                            2.It is useful to lower blood pressure, increase capillary resistance, reduce capillary fragility, lower blood fat, expansion of coronary artery, increase coronary blood flow and so on;

                                                                                            3.It is also used to treat chronic bronchitis, ?coronary heart disease?and high blood pressure.

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